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Manchester’s Matchstalk Men Inspire Congleton High

Over the course of one week in November, over a hundred and seventy Year Eight Congleton High School students travelled to Manchester to spend a whole day visiting The Lowry and the Manchester Art Gallery.

Each day saw another group of students make the journey to the city, which gave them a wonderful opportunity to see a wide range of classical, modern and contemporary works of art for themselves. Many of the pieces they saw were completely new to the group but the majority were able to recognise the familiar ‘matchstalk men’ and northern industrial scenes in the works of LS Lowry.

Experiencing such creativity up close enabled the group to gain artistic inspiration from the many collections of fine art, costume and craft and design. The budding artists were each given a booklet to complete whilst there to answer questions about the gallery and draw their favourite art works.

The visits gave the Year Eight group an even greater enthusiasm and confidence for their art projects and a multitude of fresh ideas and references from which to draw inspiration and build their own portfolios of imaginative art works.                                         

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