CHS Makes the News

Nine of our Media Club students made the news for real on 16 March 2017 when they took part in the BBC News School Report. They selected a range of current news themes and then researched, scripted and presented reports around these issues.

The team spent the day researching a range of stories around the very topical theme of 'Fake News'. The items covered included the historical hoax, The Cottingley Fairies, along with more up to date examples such as the Roswell Alien Autopsy film. The team also discussed the common practice of airbrushing images and whether that could be viewed as 'fake'.

The results of our BBC News School Report 2017 activity can be seen here. You can also view our news reports from previous years in the archive section of our BBC News School Report page.

Well done to the following students: Eady-Beau Williams, Evie Wilson, Chloe Anderson, Tyler Cartwright, Ben Greatbatch, Callum Large, Jake Tomkinson, Jacob Tyrrell  and Joe Fuller.


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