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A Clear View of the Future for Yarhooly

With an eye to the future, many students were interested in seeing the many different STEM career paths on offer when they spent the day at the Big Bang Fair in March. For one student, Yarhooly Downes, that view of the future became even clearer after winning a week's work experience with leading high street opticians, Specsavers, in a competition she entered at the Fair.

All the young people visiting the Specsavers stand were able to take part in the competition, which involved tracking down letters hidden around their show booth and putting these in the right order to make the correct word. Yarhooly, along with many of her friends, enjoyed the challenge on the day but, by the end of term, had totally forgotten all about it. So, in the Easter holidays, when she received the phone call from Specsavers to say that, as the first correct entry to be picked, she was the winner of the work experience opportunity, Yarhooly was both stunned and overjoyed.

She will spend a week with the company, seeing all aspects of the work that an optician undertakes in each area of their business. Yarhooly is excited about the opportunity and really looking forward to learning more about the eye, how it works and what can go wrong with it. In her next year at school, she will be selecting options for her GCSE subjects and believes that this experience will lead to her choosing to pursue more science subjects.

The exact dates and location of her week with the company have yet to be confirmed but we look forward to hearing all about it afterwards.

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