A Real Christmas Winner

Each year we run a Christmas Card competition for our Year 7, 8 and 9 students. We award a prize for the winning card design from each year group and the overall winner is used as the official Christmas card from Congleton High School.

We are always amazed by the quality, originality and creativity of the artwork we receive, which seems to get better and better each year. We have such a wide range of entries, ranging from traditional images to more contemporary and unusual imagery.

This year, our winners for each year were:

Year 7: Jenna Northwood (See right)

Year 8: Thomas Williams

Year 9: Katie Stansfield.

All three card designs were of extremely high quality and choosing just one winner was very hard for the judges but in the end it was agreed that Jenna’s snowy sheep scene would be used as our Christmas 2017 card. Congratulations to all three winners and thank you to all those who spent time producing their fantastic artwork for the competition.


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