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Ofsted says “Congleton High is a GOOD School”

Congleton High School was delighted to learn that it had once again been confirmed as a GOOD school by Ofsted, following a ‘Section 8’ one day inspection in January. The school has been classified as GOOD school now since January 2010.

The report positively addressed all aspects of the school, including leadership, teaching, governance and the student body, praising Congleton High as ‘An inclusive school where you aim to get the best out of everyone’ and a ‘Respectful and orderly environment where staff and pupils can work as a team.’

Referencing the schools motto, ‘Achieving Success Together,’ the report went on to highlight many of the school’s strengths, including:

  • ‘The relationships between teachers and pupils are highly supportive. This allows pupils to ask for help when they need it and learn from their mistakes.’
  • ‘The supportive culture of the school means that many pupils help each other alongside the support that they receive from their teacher.’
  • ‘Pupils with whom inspectors spoke were highly positive about the help and feedback they receive from teachers, which supports them to make better progress.’
  • ‘[Pupils] feel safe and happy at school.’
  • ‘Staff feel highly valued… that leaders listen to them and believe that their well-being is a high priority.’
  • ‘[Staff] receive the help and encouragement that they need to be able to excel in their own profession development.’
  • ‘The leadership team balance ambition for excellence with support.’
  • ‘Parents, students and pupils are loyal and supportive of the school…over 90% of the parents who responded and all students who spoke with inspectors would recommend CHS.’
  • ‘Governors and trustees offer a diverse set of high-level skills from a range of backgrounds. These skills allow them to ask appropriate and direct questions of school leaders.’                                                                                                          

Along with highlighting the next steps for the school, the report also acknowledged the changes and further improvements made since the 2014 Ofsted visit: ‘You have put measures in place to address the areas for improvement identified at the previous inspection…and pupils are making better progress as a result.’

Jim Barlow, Head of School at Congleton High, commented on the outcome of the Ofsted visit:

"We were both delighted and proud that the Inspectors witnessed how ‘Achieving Success Together" is more than just our motto but actually the recipe for happiness and success here at Congleton High. We have all worked together to act on the feedback from our 2014 inspection to ensure that we constantly improve to be the best we can be, as a school and as individuals. We will again work towards addressing the comments from this inspection, which will allow us to continue to offer current and future students the very highest standards of education and care."

A total of three inspectors visited the school in the first week of the spring term, experiencing many aspects of everyday school life and also observing students’ behaviour both in and out of the classroom. Formal meetings were held with the executive principal, the senior leadership team, governors, teaching staff and Cmat Trustees. In addition to scrutinising samples of the students’ work, the inspectors also talked with students about their experiences at the school and their behaviour. The views of parents, staff and students were also taken into consideration via Ofsted’s anonymous online feedback questionnaires.

Safeguarding requirements were checked along with a wide range of school documents concerning development planning, self-evaluation, pupil premium action plans, attendance records and governors’ meetings.

The full report can be viewed on the Congleton High website at http://www.congletonhigh.com/uploads/asset_file/3_1063_ofsted-inspection-letter-jan-2018.pdf

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