CHS Appoints Family Support Worker

At Congleton High and across the whole of Cmat, we endeavour to be able to offer all our children and their families the support they need to give them a positive education experience, ensuring that each and every one of our young people can achieve their very best.

We have children with many different needs across the trust, whether that be as a high achiever, a child with additional needs, or maybe with physical or emotional challenges. We offer a range of support that can be tailored to the needs of the individual child and their family and we work hard to ensure that we are offering assistance that is relevant to requirements.

To enable us to further help our young people and their families, we have recently appointed Kirsty Roach in the new role of ‘Family Support Worker’ to allow us to work with specific students aged between eleven and nineteen to identify and provide the support needed to ensure that they are able to thrive and succeed at school.

Taking up the role from September, Kirsty will work alongside and support students and their families, offering practical help along with learning and emotional support and feedback. She will be able to introduce learning opportunities and support interventions and, in addition, produce work plans that will help the students achieve and maintain the level of school work required. Kirsty will also serve as a link between the students, their families and other external services.

Jim Barlow, Head of Congleton High School, commented:
“Our aim is to create an environment where there are no barriers that prevent any of our students from achieving their maximum potential. For some students and their families this can be straightforward but others face greater challenges and it is these people we aim to benefit through this new role. Kirsty will be able to offer relevant and timely support for our students that will help them concentrate on their learning, giving them a much greater chance of success in their studies and a far more enjoyable school life.”

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