The Reality of Ribbon Manufacture

Across all its many subject areas, Congleton High School aims to bring learning to life with a wide variety of educational visits and this was definitely the case earlier this term when Year Ten GCSE Textiles Technology students visited the Berisfords ribbon factory in Congleton to learn more about the manufacturing methods and the skills required.

The group was welcomed by Berisfords’ managing director, Peter Bowers and his team, who took the students on a tour of the factory where they were able to witness the industry they have chosen to study in action.  The company began back in 1858 so benefits from over 150 years of experience in the design and manufacture of ribbon for a wide range of applications, which the students were able to learn from during the visit.

Berisfords welcomes a new group from Congleton High to the factory each year and, once again, it was a great experience for these Year 10 students to see all the looms weaving, take in the smells of the dye room and wonder at the speed of the CAM screen printing machines putting designs onto ribbons.

This was an introductory visit, as these students will now design and produce bags using ribbons supplied by Berisfords as part of an annual competition, which will be judged at the end of December. The spectacular prizes are £100 for first place, £70 for second and £30 for third and this has really focused the students on producing unique ideas that will impress the judges.

Previous competitions have produced a wide range of stunning and highly creative designs with students tasked with making a number of different items including skirts and cushions. It is a really rewarding exercise for the students to be able to create a finished article from raw materials they have witnessed being manufactured and the end results are eagerly awaited by the school.


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