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Around the World in a Day with Congleton High

On Friday 14th September, almost 200 students from Congleton High School's partner primary schools again took up the opportunity to take part in a whole day of fun and unusual activities designed to introduce them to different cultures and lifestyles from around the world.

During the Cultural Diversity Day, first run in 2013, students shared in a carousel of unique activities including wheelchair basketball, Bollywood dancing, African beading and an African Dance workshop bringing multinational themes together. The workshops not only encouraged the students to work together in groups in a confident and cooperative manner but also required them to consider a range of moral, ethical and cultural issues in a fun and interactive way. 

For many students, it allowed them the opportunity to learn about differences through the arts and sports and, at times, challenge some of their own thoughts and opinions. Response to the activities was overwhelmingly positive and everyone involved agreed that aims of the day had been achieved. The event also enabled the Congleton High students of the future to begin to build relationships at an early stage, making their move up from primary to secondary school a little less daunting.

Congleton High holds the Gold Cultural Diversity Quality Standard in recognition for its extensive work in promoting a greater awareness and appreciation of cultural diversity.  

Mrs Williams, event organiser, said:

'We are delighted that our primary schools responded so positively and enthusiastically to the day and look forward to welcoming more of our future Year 7s again next year for another fun and fulfilling Cultural Diversity Day.'

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