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Fairer Funding Campaign

Is your child worth less than any other child in the country?

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Latest News:

  • The Government has opened a Consultation Document to seek parents' and carers' feedback on the proposed National Funding Formula
  • As it is important for as many parents and carers as possible to have their say, we are offering the following support:
  • We have written to all parents and carers explaining the situation and our position.
  • Parents and carers have been sent a guide to the Consultation Document, which should make it easier to understand and complete the survey.
  • On Tuesday 7th February and Tuesday 7th March from 4:00pm-6:00pm, all CHS parents and carers are invited to come into school and complete the document in one of our computer suites. Help will be on hand for anyone needing assistance.
  • Any parent or carer with concerns about the Document or wishing to know more about the proposed National Funding Formula is welcome to contact Mr Hermitt.
  • A summary of the Government's proposals for the new National Funding Formula can be found in the Additional Information section to the right of the page

What have we done so far?

Back in 2015 we began working with Congleton MP, Fiona Bruce and other education leaders, campaiging to secure a fair level of education funding for our students, who because of their Cheshire East location, have for many years received significantly lower not just than the national average but also lower than the majority of other areas. Of the 151 Local Authorities, Cheshire East is 145th in the rank from top to bottom in terms of funding allocated, receiving over £2000 less per students per year than the highest funded, and £200 lower even than Cheshire West!

The Campaign began in 2015, with Cheshire East school heads meeting with Fiona Bruce MP and, subsequently, a parliamentary petition to demand equal and fair funding for our students. You can read more about this here.

Fairer Funding Petition Image 2

Following this, we joined with other school leaders from Cheshire East and Fiona Bruce MP, to deliver the petition and meet with then Minister for Childcare and Education, Sam Gyimah, to campaign for a fair education funding formula. This was believed to be a productive meeting and a positive outcome was anticiapated. You can read more about this meeting here.

cmat f bruce fairer funding image

In December 2016, a new Funding Formula was put forward by the Government, which was hoped would deliver a level playing field across the country. Far from providing this, it actually reduced the funding for Cheshire East by a significant amount, leaving us at the very bottom with a new proposed figure across the region of £4,122 per year per student. In the exisiting system, the lowest funded area received £4,158.41 per pupil, still £36.41 more per child than the new system proposes we accept. 

Our disappointment and dismay at the result was echoed by Fiona Bruce, who worked with us to prepare a statement for Parliament, highlighting the difficulties faced by the schools in Cheshire East, which she delivered on the evening of 20 December 2016. You can watch the speech here

fiona bruce in parliament

Fiona's address to Parliament secured us a further meeting in London, this time with the Minister of State for Education, Nick Gibb MP, on 9 January 2017. The meeting was attended by MPs from Congleton, Macclesfield and Sandbach, school heads from Congleton, Sandbach and Poynton and also Cheshire East Council's Leader and the Director of Education. 

Jan 17 Nick Gibb Delegation

Mr Gibb listened to the range of reasoned points, including the inequality of the proposed funding, the seriously damaging effect on curriculum provision, threat to teaching standards, reduction in extracurricular opportunitiess for students and the economic reality of such a cut in funding.

The Minister indicated a clear commitment to work with headteachers, the local authority and MPs to eplore a number of potential exceptional cuircumstances that have created the anomaly that leaves our schools so underfunded.

At the end of December, the Government opened a consultation document which will enable parents and carers to make their voices heard. As this is quite a lengthy form, we will be offering anybody requiring it assistance to complete the document and contacted parents in late January with more information.  To download a copy of this information, please click here. We have also sent out a guide to help Parents and Carers to help them make sense of the document and complete the form. 

On Tuesday 7th February and Tuesday 7th March, all parents and carers will be able to come into school from 4:00-6:00pm to complete the document in one of our computer suites. Help will be on hand for anybody needing it.

As a school and as part of Cheshire East, we plan to continue to work towards achieving a funding system that sees our students, now and in the future, funded fairly and equally with all other childen in the country. We will continue to raise awareness of the issue by informing local and regional media of the situation and our activities and using our social media and website to communicate with parents and the local community. You can see the coverage we and others have already secured in the downloads to the right of the page.

We will keep you all up-to-date and informed with our plans and activities as we progress.