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School Performance and Examination Results

Excellent results 2016

GCSE Results
In summer 2016, our students once again celebrated superb GCSE results. Despite being a smaller year group than the preious year, a fabulous number of A*/A grades were achieved (almost 400), with 52% of students celebrating at least one A*/A. 

Provisional results (some papers are to be re-marked) show 82% of students passed English and 67% passed Maths with 64% of students gaining a C grade or above in both subjects. Of the thirty GCSE exam subjects offered at the school, more than half (seventeen) saw over 80% of the results at A*-C grade with eleven subjects celebrating A*/ A grades of thirty per cent and above.

These grades will enable students to progress on to a wide variety of exciting education, training and employment opportunities. Our own Post-16 provision has again seen many CHS students returning to enrol on the unrivalled range of academic and vocational courses.

One of the rising stars from the summer results was one of the 2016-17 new Year 7, who aced his GCSE Mathematics with an A* grade whilst still in Year 6 at Castle Primary. Our Mathematics department will be working with him from September to help him continue to progress his numeracy skills even further.

English Baccalaureate (EBacc)
In summer 2016, 18% of CHS students managed to secure the relevant qualifications to achieve the English Baccalaureate, which is a new performance measure for schools.  To achieve the EBacc, a student has to get a grade A*-C in English, Mathematics, two Sciences, a Humanities subject (Geography or History) and a Modern Foreign Language (French, German or Spanish).

The school is also measured on the percentage of pupils making expected progress between Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 4 in English and Mathematics (see below).  In 2016, 80% of students achieved expected progress in English with 44% attaining above what was expected of them. In Maths, 69% succeeded in reaching their expected level whilst an impressive 32% surpassed it. 

Key Stage 4 Results







% Achieving 5+ A*-C GCSEs (or equiv) incl. English and Maths 69% 64% 60% 74% (58) 59% 63%
% Achieving Grade C or above in English and Maths - - - - 61% 64%
% Achieving English Baccalaureate 14% 14% 29% 24% (24) 13% 32%
% Achieving expected progress in English 78% 61% 62% 81% (72) 73% 80%
% Achieving expected progress in Maths 70% 74% 68% 74% (54) 66% 69%
Attainment 8 Score (from 2016) - - - - - 53.15
Progress 8 Score (from 2016) - - - - - 0.01

* Please note - Italicised figure in 2014 is the League Table figure, which differs from the actual figure because:

  • CHS students sat GCSE Maths and English in November 2013 and again in summer 2014 but only the result of the first exam was taken into account by the league tables

  • The league tables only counted two non GCSE courses as part of the five GCSEs achieved i.e. BTEC etc.

A Level Results
At A Level, students once again achieved another set of fantastic results. 24% of all grades awarded were A*/A or Distinction*/Distinction grades - 44% of BTEC results were Distinction*/Distinctions and 17% of all A Level grades were at A*/A. The overall pass rate, students securing A*-E grades,  was 98%.  Many students gained places at the top Russell Group universities to continue their education, whilst others have gone on to successfully gain apprenticeships and other work opportunities.

In 2015, our students studying vocational courses saw the highest Value Added score - the difference between expected and achieved grades - across the whole of Cheshire East, putting them ahead of all providers of 16-18 education and training in the region. We hope to have repeated this success again in 2016 and await full results for the region.

16-19 (Key Stage 5) Results

Progress Students have made in English 0.45
Progress Students have made in Maths 0.6
Progress Made Compared with others Across England -0.08 (Average)
Average Grade Attained at 16-19 Study C (29.02 points)
Student 'Retention' - % of Students Reaching the End of Their Course 97.3
Student 'Destinations' - % of Students who Continue in Education, Begin Training or Move into Employment 89


For a detailed breakdown of our examination results, please download the documents using the links on the top right of this page or view the School Performance Tables published by the Secretary of State for Education on the Department for Education's website.


  • “Most students reach a good standard of attainment at GCSE. Attainment is continuing to improve.” Ofsted Dec 2014
  • “In 2014, students attained their best ever results and this positive trend is set to continue. Targets are ambitious and have proved accurate. There is good leadership capacity for the school to continue to improve.” Ofsted Dec 2014