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Executive Principal's Welcome

It gives me great pleasure to introduce you to our school. I am very proud to be Executive Principal of this vibrant learning community.  I joined the school in 2005 and it continues to be a great community to lead.  Like many staff, my own daughter attended the school and flourished. We pride ourselves on being a school that provides something for every student.

Our website provides a wealth of information. Many prospective parents ask similar questions about choosing our school and I have provided answers to these below, but if you have any other questions, then please do contact me.

Mr D Hermitt
Executive Principal

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your motto?

Our motto is ‘Achieving Success Together’ and our aims are very straightforward; to be a well-led, inclusive school where the highest standards of teaching and learning enable everyone to fulfil their potential.

Our motto explains everything you need to know about our school. We are ambitious but we wish to achieve this success by working in partnership with our students, their parents and the wider community.

What sort of a school are you?

Congleton High School is a successful and very popular 11-18 Academy school situated amongst green fields and private housing on the edge of Congleton in South East Cheshire, close to the border with Staffordshire. There is a lot of demand for places at the school.

As well as academic excellence, we aim to nurture creativity, independence, consideration and personal development, and encourage students to take part in the wide range of extra-curricular opportunities that we have on offer. We work in partnership with parents to recognise success and to share and solve problems.

Will my child be bullied?

We have a very strong record for tackling issues promptly. We investigate thoroughly and resolve them professionally. Please read our latest Ofsted report and the Ofsted best practice report which describes our pastoral support as outstanding. I cannot say there is no bullying. Our students tell me that it is rare; their parents confirm this as well. You can be confident that we have excellent systems in place to deal with any issues that arise.  At our latest inspection (Dec 2014), Ofsted reported that "Students know that adults will follow up their concerns" and that "Students interviewed did not consider bullying to be an issue.  School records confirm that bullying of any form is infrequent and very quickly and effectively dealt with.  Students have confidence that adults will, in their words, 'resolve everything as quickly and fairly as possible'."

Will my child be happy?

The vast majority of our students report that they are very happy at school. They have excellent attendance, work hard and pursue their talents. As a result, parents report that their children "love" school. Please speak to any of our current students or their parents or have a look at our most recent Parental Feedback.

Will my child achieve?

We are a high achieving school and, with the support of our dedicated team of staff, our students work extremely hard to achieve fantastic exam grades. As a result, we celebrated some great GCSE, A Level and BTEC results with our students again this summer.  

Our GCSE results amassed a fabulous number of A*/A grades (almost 400), with  52% of students achieving at least one A*/A. Our provisional results (some papers are waiting to be re-marked) show 82% of students passed English and 67% passed Maths, with 64% gaining a C grade or above in both subjects. Of the thirty GCSE exam subjects offered at the school, more than half (seventeen) saw over 80% of the results at A*-C grade with eleven subjects celebrating A*/ A grades of thirty per cent and above.

80% of students achieved expected progress in English with 44% improving on that level. In Maths, 69% succeeded in reaching expected progress, whilst an impressive 32% achieved higher.

Our Year 11 students progress to positive outcomes - within our Post 16 provision, in further education or in employment. 

Our Post 16 students performed equally well this year with 24% of all grades awarded at A*/A or Distinction*/Distinction and the overall pass rate was 98%.

We recognise that not all students progress at the same rate as others and work with each individual to establish their needs and offer tailored support. In addition to providing additional help to those not progressing as quickly as others, we also support and guide high achieving students to ensure they are realising their full potential. 

You can read more about our examination results here.

Will my child gain a place?

Over the last few years, everyone who has placed Congleton High School as their first preference has gained a place. However, the continuous growth of the town and the rising demand for high school places has led to a situation where we are now oversubscribed. As a result we have unfortunately been forced to refuse places to some students.

What is Cmat?

In February 2014 we formed multi-academy trust, Cmat. The Trust now comprises a family of schools (Congleton High, Black Firs Primary School, Castle Primary School and The Congleton College) that work together, share expertise and resources and continue to grow and develop. Cmat aims to provide exceptional learning opportunities and continuity of education for all of our students, from pre-school right up to age 19.

In March 2016, the Department for Education (DfE) approved the Trust as a New Academy Sponsor. Sponsors are responsible for establishing any new academy, appointing a leadership team and governing body and monitoring performance and budgeting. Congleton's rapid growth will require at least one new school in the near future and the DfE approval should make Cmat the ideal candidate for establishing this for the town.

What does Ofsted say about the school?

Our last full Ofsted inspection was in January 2018 when once again we were judged to be good in all categories with a ‘good’ overall effectiveness rating. The report positively addressed all aspects of the school including leadership, teaching, governance and the student body, praising Congleton High School as "An inclusive school where you aim to get the best out of everyone" and a "Respectful and orderly environment where staff and pupils can work as a team." Referencing our Achieving Success Together motto, the report went on to highlight many of our strengths including: "The relationships between teachers and pupils are highly supportive. This allows pupils to ask for help when they need it and learn from their mistakes," and "The supportive culture of the school means that many pupils help each other alongside the support they receive from their teacher." Inspectors again praised our work to keep children safe, commending the leadership team for ensuring "that safeguarding is everyone's priority."

What does Engineering status mean?

Our Specialist Engineering status has brought enhanced facilities for our students and for the wider community and has allowed us to foster engineering skills and aptitudes such as teamwork, communication, problem-solving and creativity amongst all our students. Transferrable skills such as these help prepare our students for higher education and adult working life.  You can read more about our Engineering status here.

Staff Contact
  • ‘An inclusive school where you aim to get the best out of everyone.’ Ofsted 2018
  • 'A respectful and orderly environment where staff and pupils can work as a team.' Ofsted 2018
  • ‘The relationships between teachers and pupils are highly supportive. This allows pupils to ask for help when they need it and learn from their mistakes.’ Ofsted 2018
  • ‘The supportive culture of the school means that many pupils help each other alongside the support that they receive from their teacher.’ Ofsted 2018