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Performing Arts

The Performing Arts curriculum area comprises drama, dance and music. These are lively areas of the school, where there is always a buzz of activity.  These are also popular subjects at CHS and we consistently enjoy excellent examination results.  Drama is regarded as a real strength of the school and we have a very good reputation in the local community for producing outstanding drama productions.  Our exceptional facilities include:

  • One fully-equipped drama studio
  • One dedicated drama space with blackout and sound facilities
  • Two music studios
  • A suite of practice rooms
  • A recording studio
  • A sound isolation room

For details of extra-curricular and enrichment activities in Performing Arts, please see our 'School Life' section.

Key Stage 3 overview


Year 7

In Year 7, Drama students are introduced to basic techniques including "Freeze Frames" and "Thoughts in the Head". Through role play we explore a variety of topics such as "The Party" and "Evacuees" where students look at issues through the eyes of all concerned.

Year 8

During Year 8, students will study a variety of topics. These range from the issue of bullying to the story of 'The Titanic'. Through exploring these issues, the students learn about different dramatic techniques including 'Monologues', 'Thoughts in the Head' and creating scripts.

Year 9

During Year 9 students will cover a variety of issues within Drama. These range from the causes of Youth Crime to 'War and Conflict'. Through this work the students are introduced to new dramatic skills as well as developing those already established. The focus of the year is on experimenting with structure and building confidence


Year 7

Over the course of the year, students will undertake musical activities which centre on group instrumental music making, keyboard skill development and musical literacy awareness. Practical work will included solo and ensemble work. There will also be opportunities to use music technology to create sound pieces and to record individual work.

Year 8

In Year 8  students continue to develop their Performance, Composition, Listening and Appraising skills. There will be a continued emphasis on developing keyboard skills with students aiming to develop their ability to add single and full-fingered chords to their music. The units of work include 'Music and the Media', 'Jazz and Blues', 'Songs Form Technique' and 'Using and Developing Chord Progressions'. An emphasis will also be placed on developing rhythmic skills and music technology.

Year 9

Over the course of Year 9, students complete a variety of musical activities aimed at developing and extending performance and composition skills. An emphasis is placed on group work and on the further development of keyboard skills. Wherever possible, ICT resources will be used to improve musical outcomes.




Staff Contact
  • 'This amazing achievement has come about not only due to the hard work of the band but also to the amazing support they've had over the years in developing their musical skills from CHS, in particular, Miss Martin. It is a testimony to what can be achieved when schools and teachers nurture talent as you have all done.' Parent, Mr Tarrant, whose son's band secured a support act concert at the Manchester Academy in 2018
  • ‘An inclusive school where you aim to get the best out of everyone.’ Ofsted 2018