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Science forms part of the common core of subjects within school right up to GCSE level and it is also one of the core subjects of our Specialist School status.  As a Specialist School of Engineering, we are committed to raising achievement and improving provision and participation in STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), which are becoming increasingly relevant and necessary in today’s workplace. 

The school has excellent facilities for students to take part in practical experiments and uses all the latest technology to support learning. 

Key Stage 3 overview

Year 7

Students cover several topics which include aspects of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. The Year 7 curriculum centres around six main themes, ‘Forensics’, ‘Extinction’, ‘Electromancer’, ‘Cook’, ‘A and E’ and ‘Alien’ and is taught through relevant and interesting stories.

Year 8

In Year 8, students will study topics from the WIKID programme of study. The course combines key ideas from Biology, Chemistry and Physics in the following interesting and relevant activity sequences: Studio Magic: Pyrotechnics, Live and Kicking; nViz; Catastrophe and Species at War. Throughout the course, students are given opportunities to develop their practical, analytical, thinking and communication skills.

Year 9

As part of their Science course, Year 9 students will study the following topics: In Chemistry, the Earth, metals, limestone and oils. In Biology, adaptation, environment, co-ordination and control of evolution. In Physics, movement of heat, energy, renewable and non-renewable energy. They will also study examples of science in the work place and carried out short investigations.


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