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International Dimension

We strongly believe that in today’s world, where advances in technology and travel have narrowed the physical gap between people in different countries and where there is greater globalisation in business and finance, our students need to be truly global citizens. We therefore want our students to gain a knowledge and understanding of different people, groups and nations and to have respect for different religions, cultures, ways of life and points of view. 

International Schools Award 16-19

To this end, we have been active in developing a strong international dimension to our school and, in recognition of our work, have achieved the Full International School Award continuously since 2007. Our international links and recent opportunities include:

  • South African Exchange programme with Muizenberg High and Junior Schools, involving British Council-funded staff and student reciprocal visits
  • Namibian partnership with the Rocky Crest High School, involving British Council-funded staff reciprocal visits
  • German Exchange programme with the Friedrich Spee Gymnasium in Trier
  • Regular study visits to France and Spain
  • Engineering partnership with the Gymnasium Süderelbe in Hamburg, involving annual reciprocal staff and student visits
  • Comenius project with partner schools in France and Germany
  • Humanities study visits to Italy, Iceland and the Belgian Battlefields
  • Art trip to New York
  • Ski courses in France and Italy
  • Sports tour to France, Spain and Malta
  • Rubgy Masterclass from the Junior Springboks South African Rugby team

As well as visiting other countries, we have found ways for students within school to communicate directly with students in other parts of the world. For example, on one World Book Day, students used ‘Skype’ to link up with students at one of our partner schools in South Africa. They discussed their favourite books, reading habits and school life in general. We have also been involved in a European system called eTwinning which allows students across Europe to link up from their classroom with other schools across Europe and learn about their differences and similarities.