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School Aims for Students

At CHS we aim to help you:

  • through hard work, commitment and self-discipline, to achieve your potential
  • to receive challenging, stimulating and worthwhile experiences so that you can live fully and enjoy every stage of your development in preparation for adult life
  • to gain understanding of religious and moral values and respect for other people’s races, religions, cultures, ways of life and points of view
  • to develop lively and enquiring minds along with the confidence to ask questions, the ability to express your opinions rationally and the skills to study independently
  • to acquire knowledge, skills and training that will help you gain employment and access Higher Education throughout your adult life
  • to develop a concern for the quality of your immediate environment and an understanding of citizenship and the world in which you live and work where many people, groups and nations depend on each other
  • to develop the ability to think logically, communicate effectively and handle information confidently in a world of rapidly changing technologies
  • to exercise responsibility in the school community and develop social skills by taking part in curricular and extra curricular activities
  • ‘An inclusive school where you aim to get the best out of everyone.’ Ofsted 2018
  • [Governors and trustees] are enthusiastic and committed to securing the best possible outcomes for pupils.’ Ofsted 2018
  • ‘Leaders and teachers now have high expectations for all pupils, including those who are disadvantaged.’ Ofsted 2018