Learning about Law from SAS Daniels

At the end of October, local law company, SAS Daniels, once again visited our Post 16 facility to speak with Year 12 Law students about careers in the legal profession, giving students a great opportunity to find out more and ask any questions they may have.

The SAS Daniels team gave students a fascinating and informative presentation, which inspired the listening group to want to know more about the various routes into Law.

One area students were particularly keen to hear more about was the debate regarding entering the law profession via university versus an apprenticeship route. The SAS Daniels team talked in detail about this and the various roles in law. They also discussed how apprenticeships have become increasingly viewed as an important route into a legal career, even by the leading UK law firms, also known as ’The Magic Circle’.

Law student, Kiya Hopkins, found the presentation particularly useful as she has ambitions to become a lawyer in the future. Kiya enjoyed the discussions regarding the various routes that can be taken, what steps have to be taken and also how to accomplish your own goals. More specifically, she was keen to find out more about undertaking the LPC (Legal Practice Course).

All of the student group thoroughly enjoyed and benefitted greatly from the presentation and took the opportunity to ask lots of questions regarding both general and specific aspects of the profession.

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