Technology High Fliers

At the end of June, CHS Director of E-Learning, Mr Curry, travelled across to Manchester Airport with ten of our Year Ten students to take part in a Masterclass in Technology. The day was hosted by MAG-O, the airport group’s in-house digital agency, which was created in response to technology-driven changes in the way passengers travel.

To help the students gain a greater understanding of how technology fits in to the everyday life of the airport, the group took a tour of Terminal One with an eye on the technology used to make the experience of passengers as smooth as can possibly be. Students were able to get a ‘behind the scenes’ view into the server room and experience a check-in desk from the operator’s point of view.

Back at the MAG-O offices, the visitors learned about the many different roles available within the agency, demonstrating that there is a place for all different types of people with a variety of skillsets to allow them to design systems to meet the needs of their customers. Vodafone also delivered a presentation and emphasised the importance of girls choosing technology roles and the well paid careers they could access.

The group was very impressed by the modern office environment, particularly the table tennis table in the cafe area! A major high-point of the visit was catching up with a former CHS student, Joshua Ogden, who is now in the middle of a higher level Apprenticeship, working at MAG-O and studying Computer Science at MMU. It was very rewarding for the students to hear more about his role, the route he had taken since leaving school and also his plans for the future. 

This visit gave students a great insight into the wide variety of roles they could pursue at one of the region’s biggest employers using the skills they are developing in school.



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