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Students Sell Super Supper Sonnets for Sensory Centre

One of Congleton High School’s Year Seven English groups surprised Jill Carsberg of Ruby's Fund with a cheque for £85 when she visited them recently to talk about the work of the charity at its Congleton based sensory centre. The generous donation was the proceeds from the sale of the group’s unique recipe and poetry book, “A Sonnet for Supper

The students spent the Autumn term learning about Shakespeare and his sonnets so decided to put all that knowledge to good use and created a unique book of thirty of their very own verses accompanying a selection of twenty six of their favourite recipes. The budding poets waxed lyrical about a range of delicious delights from cherry scones, chicken curry and the ever popular old-favourite, Spaghetti Bolognaise, to apple cookies and the more unusual choice of cabbage soup!

Perfectly timed for Christmas presents for grandparents, aunties, uncles and anyone interested in food or poetry, the student group then sold the compilation in school and to family and friends to raise money for Ruby’s Fund and were able to present all the proceeds to Jill during her visit.

English teacher, Mrs Kate Smith, who helped the students compile the book, commented:
“Sonnet writing is particularly challenging, and follows a considerable list of strict rules in terms of the number of lines, rhythm and rhyme. Therefore, writing their own sonnets was no mean feat for Year Seven but they all rose to the challenge, no doubt inspired by the thought of all the delicious food, and created a wonderful buffet of verses!

“We were delighted to be able to surprise Jill with the money we raised from the sale of A Sonnet for Supper, which we hope will help Ruby’s Fund to continue their very worthwhile work.”

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