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A Levels Result in Bright Futures for Congleton High Students

Following yet another year of Covid-related interruptions and complications, the Congleton High School team were delighted to welcome Sixth Form students in to school on Tuesday 10th August to collect their exam and vocational grades. Once again, the majority of students achieved and surpassed the results they needed to progress on to their chosen pathway and are excited to start the next chapter of their life.

The school has supported the cohort to ensure that they are able to move on to positive destinations and fulfil their potential. Many students have chosen to continue their education at university, or combine it with employment in a degree apprenticeship, including:

Sam Worthington - A*/A*/A*. (Reading Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Durham University): “I am extremely happy with my results and excited to begin my journey at Durham. I have had a fantastic experience at Congleton High School with the best teachers, I could not have asked for more. My plans for the future include becoming the Member of Parliament for Congleton.”

Amelia Lehm - A*/A*/A*. (Reading Medicine and Surgery at Newcastle University): “I am speechless but very happy with my results this year as I didn’t think it was going to happen. It’s been a difficult few years for all of us but we managed.”

Ru Morgan - A*/A*/A* also A* Year 11 early entry A Level Mathematics. (Reading Mathematics at University of Bristol): “I am relieved and very happy to get my results and now excited to go to Bristol to read Maths. The Maths team at CHS have been amazing and they have supported me so much over the years, helping me to take the GCSE in Year 7 and my A Level in Year 11.”

Amy Cosgrove - A*/A*/A*. (Reading Geography at Loughborough University): “I really can’t believe my results! I’d like to thank all the teachers at CHS, I have had the best time here. For anyone about to start their A Levels and worrying, just believe that you can do it and you will!”

Matt Owen - A*/A*/A*. (Reading Economics at the University of Bristol): “After all the disruption last year, I was nervous about how my final year of Sixth Form study would go. However, the teachers helped make the process as easy as it could have been for us all. As a result, I feel very well prepared for continuing my studies at Bristol.”

Immy Miller - A*/A*/A*. (Reading Mathematics at Durham University): “Wow! I am delighted with my results, they’re above target and higher than I expected. I have loved it in Sixth Form at CHS. It was really hard through the lockdowns but great when we were all able to come back to school. The Maths department have been so supportive, allowing me to spend time up there in breaks, lunch and after school, helping me whenever I needed it. It’s been stressful but it’s all over now - until uni! I’m on a four year course and considering a career in Aeronautical Engineering or Biological Maths after graduation.”

Molly Johnson - A*/A*/A*. (Reading Paramedic Science at Staffordshire University): “I am over the moon with my results. It has been hard at times, studying with all the lockdowns and isolations but you just have to keep at it. I’m going to study Paramedic Science, after which I hope to become a Paramedic.”

Eden James - A/A/A. (Reading Psychology at University of Leeds): “I am really happy with my results and looking forward to being an undergraduate at Leeds, where I’ll read Psychology. It’s been a rocky road with Covid over the last two years but I’ve had great teacher support especially from Miss Boulton, Head of Sixth Form.”

Grace Winfield - A*/Distinction*/C. (Applied for Degree Apprenticeship with Cheshire Police): “I got the results I wanted and I’m so happy. I’ve really enjoyed my time at CHS and in Sixth Form. Miss Boulton, Mrs Airey and Mr Franklin have been incredibly helpful and supportive throughout these crazy last few years. I have applied for a Degree Apprenticeship with Cheshire Police and, if that doesn’t work out, then I plan to study Professional Policing at Staffordshire University next year.”

Sam Johnson - B/C/C. Sam is one of the school’s many sporting stars and has managed to secure a coveted, and extremely difficult to achieve, full Golf and University Scholarship with the University of Idaho in the USA. He will take up the scholarship in September 2022, when he will also join the University of Idaho Vandals Golf Squad. In his gap year, Sam plans to concentrate on further improving his game and continuing to compete in high level tournaments.

Congleton High headteacher, Mr Barlow, commented:
“The last eighteen months have been extraordinary for all of us and I have been both impressed and inspired by the resilience shown by our students and how they and our staff have navigated their way through each challenge as it has arisen.

“Across the numerous lockdowns and isolation periods, these students have demonstrated that they are more than capable of working independently, building on the strong subject foundations already in place. This is a lifeskill that will benefit them greatly as they progress on to university, apprenticeships and employment.

“Teaching and support staff alike have also worked tirelessly to ensure support for students, both academically and emotionally and maintain our expected high levels of education.

“I am very proud of all our students and wish them every success in their lives and careers and look forward to hearing great news of them in the future.”

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