Calendar and Key Dates Incl Exams


2019 - 2020 Academic Year (from Spring Term)

Monday 6th January 2020

School Reopens

Thursday 9th January 2020

Year 11 Parents/ Carers Evening
Monday  13th - Friday 17th January 2020

Year 11 Speaking Mock Tests

Thursday 16th January 2020

Year 10/11 Trip to Inspector Calls

Thursday 16th January 2020

Year 9 Rewards Trip (After School)

Monday 20th  - Friday 31st January 2020

Year 11/13 Mock Exams

Wednesday 22nd January 2020

Year 9 Options Evening

Wednesday 29th January 2020

PiP Meeting

Friday 31st January 2020

Year 10 GCSE Science Live Trip, Manchester
Monday 3rd - Friday 7th February 2020

Spanish Trip

Monday 10th - Thursday 13th February 2020  Y8 Art Trips
Tuesday 11th February 2020

Year 9 Parents/ Carers Evening

Thursday 13th February 2020

Y12 Geography Field Trip
Thursday 13th February 2020

PiP Year 7/8 Disco

Friday 14th February 2020

School Closes for February Half Term Break

Monday 24th February 2020

School Reopens

Tuesday 25th February 2020

Y12 Biology Trip

Monday 2nd - Friday 6th March 2020

CHS National Careers Week Events

Tuesday 10th March 2020

Year 12/13 Parents/ Carers Evening

Tuesday 17th March 2020

Y13 Sociology Revision Conference, Manchester

Wednesday 18th March 2020

Y12/13 English Students Conference, Manchester

Wednesday 18th March 2020

Y13 Psychology Revision Conference

Monday 23rd - Monday 30th March 2020

German Exchange Students with CHS

Tuesday 31st March 2020

Year 10 Parents/ Carers Evening

Friday 3rd April 2020

School Closes for Easter Break

Monday 20th April 2020

School Reopens

Thursday 23rd April 2020

Year 8 Parents/ Carers Evening

Monday 27th April - Thursday 7th May 2020

Year 10 and 12 Mock Exams

Monday 4th - Thursday 7th May 2020

Year 11 MFL GCSE Speaking Tests

Wednesday 6th May 2020 Year 7 Parents/ Carers Evening
Friday 8th May 2020

May Day Bank Holiday

Wednesday 20th May 2020

PiP Meeting

Friday 22nd May 2020

School Closes for May Half Term Break 

Monday 1st June 2020

School Reopens

Monday 1st - Friday 5th June 2020

Year 10/12 Mock Speaking Exams
Monday 8th - Friday 19th June 2020 

Year 7-9 Serious about Success (SAS) Exams

Wednesday 17th June 2020

PiP Meeting

Monday 22nd - Monday 29th June 2020

CHS Students to Germany for Exchange Visit
Tuesday 23rd June 2020

Year 12 Mentoring Day

Thursday 25th June 2020 

New Intake Day and New Intake Parents/ Carers Evening

Friday 26th June 2020

Year 11 Prom

Tuesday 30th June 2020

Sports Day
Wednesday 1st July - Friday 3rd July 2020

Year 12 Oxford and Cambridge Open Day Visits

Friday 3rd July 2020

Reserve Sports Day

Thursday July 9th 2020

Sports Awards Evening

Tuesday 14th July 2020

Year 10 Summer Market

Thursday 16th July 2020

Reward Trips

Friday 17th July 2020

School Closes to Students for Summer Break

Friday 17th July 2020

Y12 Biology Field Trip

Monday 20th - Tuesday 21st July 2020


Thursday 13th August 2020

A Level Results Day
Thursday 20th August 2020

GCSE Results Day