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Accelerated Reader Programme and Bookfinder

Please click here to access the Log On to Accelerated Reader, which can also be found on the main Student Welcome page in our Student area.

Click here to access the guidance notes for our Accelerated Reader programme.

Students and their parents/carers can find books in the programme by logging on to the Accelerated Reader Bookfinder at:  https://www.arbookfind.co.uk/

Using the Quick Search option, searches can be made using the book title, the author, the ISBN number (the ten or thirteen digit code above the bar code or printed inside the book with the publisher's details), the particular series of books or the topic. 

The Advanced Search option allows a combination of the above information along with other details including publisher, fiction/ non-fiction etc.

If your search is unsucessful on your first try, it may not necessarily be because the book you require isn't available. The Bookfinder requires precise and correct spelling to enable the book to be found and sometimes trying a different approach (eg using the ISBN instead of the title or the author's name instead of the ISBN number) can help you to successfully locate a book.