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UCAS Information and Application

UCAS has developed a range of materials to help students make the right choices when considering a future at university:

  • The UCAS Hub - explore your options, compare courses, find open days, follow a simple to-do list and lots more. With all the tools and information you need in one place, this is the perfect starting point for your research.
  • Virtual open days - a centralised listing for upcoming uni virtual open days, and a handy video giving you tips on how to make the most out of them.
  • Unibuddy - a chance to talk to current undergraduates, to find out what studying a particular course or going to university is really like.
  • The buzz quiz - helping you discover your strengths and the type of jobs you may enjoy.
  • What are my options? - information about the variety of post-18 options available.
  • UCAS 'Getting Started' Web Pages - click here 

Additional Information for Students

  • Making the right choices presentation  - for Year 12 and 13 students. This presentation gives an overview of the opportunities available and highlights future options, including the benefits of higher education.
  • Mythbusters handout - there are many myths about higher education. UCAS has dispelled the top ones in this useful handout.
  • Applying through UCAS presentation - for students who have decided they want to apply to higher education. It highlights where to start, key dates, and also gives an overview of the application and tracking process.
  • Application process handout - the higher education application process down has been broken down into three simple steps in this handout, including when UCAS needs to receive applications.​

  • Students looking to study overseas can use Studee, which is a free online service that helps students find the right university and course for their education and career aspitrations and can help with information and advice all along the way. They have a useful guide on their website.

Useful posters to download

Information for Parents and Carers

UCAS parents' and carers' evening presentation - This illustrates the benefits of higher education, outlines the application process, and advises parents/carers on what they can do to support their child.