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Learning Resource Centre - The LRC

“There is no such thing as a child who hates to read; there are only children who have not found the right book.”

Frank Serafini

At Congleton High we have a wonderful Learning Resource Centre (The LRC) that is at the heart of learning for our students, both in lessons and their free time. 

Reading is a key focus for all of our students and we have a comprehensive library of fiction and non-fiction books, which is constantly updated and expanded with new titles. If a particular title is not held by the LRC, then students, parents and carers can ask our Librarian, Mrs Parker, for the book to be purchased for the library. We also have a range of Dyslexia Friendly Books, which use appropriate fonts, paper etc, A list of these can be found on the right.

Students may borrow up to four books at a time (at the discretion of our librarian) and keep them for up to three weeks, after which they should be returned or renewed in the LRC to avoid a fine.

The fine for overdue books is 10p per school day (not holidays or weekends), with a maximum fine of £2.00 per book.  For students who do not return or renew the books they have borrowed, an E3 is issued and an email sent home to parents/carers.

If a book is lost or returned in such a state that it cannot be returned to the shelves, a student will be asked to pay for the replacement cost of the book.

Along with reading and exchanging books and resources, students are welcome to use the LRC and computer suite for other school activities including homework

Opening hours are: 

Monday to Thursday 8.15am-4.00pm                                                                                    
Friday 8.15am-3.30pm

The computer suite is open at lunchtimes on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and after school on Tuesday and Wednesday.

NB: Due to Covid-19, The LRC is currently closed for general use but students do have a Library Lesson during which they have access to the LRC and our wide range of reading material.