• ‘Leaders and teachers now have high expectations for all pupils, including those who are disadvantaged.’ Ofsted 2018
  • 'The assessment system enables [teachers] to plan learning which is appropriate for pupils.' Ofsted 2018
  • '[The] assessment system supports teachers to increase the level of challenge, which helps to prepare pupils for the increased rigour of the GCSE examinations.' Ofsted 2018
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Target Setting and Assessment

Like you, we wish to ensure that your son/daughter has a successful and fulfilling education at Congleton High School. To that end we monitor students’ progress carefully during their time with us through a regular pattern of target setting, assessments, reports and Parents’/Carers' evenings.  Parents/Carers receive:

  • three reports (Learning Records) during the year which give a brief indication of progress and subject specific targets
  • an invitation to a Parents’/Carers' Evening where they can discuss their child’s progress individually with subject teachers
  • an invitation to attend Academic Mentoring Day with their son/daughter

Our Academic Mentoring (target setting) programme for students is similar to a performance management review that you might expect to have in the workplace. Students sit down with their tutor and review the targets set in each of their subjects. They look at where they have been successful and where their strengths lie and then decide what aspects of their learning they need to focus on going forward, whether that be improving their homework, meeting deadlines, providing more detail in their assignments, doing more reading etc. We find that setting targets helps to create a positive culture in relation to the performance of all students and encourages students to take responsibility for their own learning.

  • 'Sixth Form students enjoy being homework mentors for younger pupils.' Ofsted 2018