• 'The attainment of pupils at the end of Year 11 in most subjects is above the national average.' Ofsted 2018
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School Performance and Examination Results

Due to the exceptional nature of the 2020 and 2021 exam periods, along with other schools in the area, we have taken the decision not to publish 2020/21 results data. The information below and to the right of the page is from 2019 and earlier and clearly demonstrates the strong performance across the board for our Year 11 and Post 16 students alike.

In both 2020 and 2021 we were delighted to have maintained our track record of above average results. This enabled our students to move on to their desired Post 16 study, with record numbers choosing to stay at Congleton High and move up into our Year 12 Sixth Form provision.

Excellent results 2019

GCSE Results

In summer 2019, students at Congleton High School were again able to celebrate another set of fantastic exam results giving them a real head start in further education, training and employment.

Forty two students achieved five or more top grades and almost a quarter of all grades awarded were at the very highest 7+/A+/Distinction level. Pass rates of 90% were enjoyed by ten of the thirty subjects offered, with an impressive seventeen courses securing pass rates of 80%.

As an inclusive school, we encourage and support ALL our students to achieve for themselves the best possible outcomes and almost 60% of students celebrated at least one top grade this year, which is a fantastic achievement. For us though it is not just about the high achievers delivering multiple top grades but also ensuring that those students for whom school may be a struggle achieve and even exceed their targets.  As such, Progress 8 (which takes each student’s best eight GCSE results and measures the progress made from the level at which they started in Year 7 to the level they achieved at GCSE) is the most important measure for us as it shows their improvement, not final grades.

In 2018, we were delighted that our students achieved the joint highest Progress 8 score in the whole of Cheshire and, once again, in 2019, our students have outstripped their targets, with a (provisional) Progress 8 score of 0.21. This means that, on average, students achieved almost a quarter of a grade higher than expected in every one of their GCSE subjects. In many cases this enabled students to celebrate at least a grade higher grade than predicted.

These results will enable students to progress on to a wide variety of exciting education, training and employment opportunities. Our own Sixth Form provision has seen a record number of applications this year with many CHS students returning to enrol on the unrivalled range of academic and vocational courses.

A Level Results

Our Sixth Form students were also celebrating strong results this summer, seeing success in both academic and vocational subjects. Over 100 top grades were achieved this year across the wide range of subjects offered, enabling students to progress to their next step - Degree Apprenticeships, Apprenticeships, employment and degrees.

Many students have now taken up university places to study a wide range of degrees including: Biomedical Sciences, Chemistry with Forensic Science, Film Production, History, Mathematics, Music Technology, Music, Natural Sciences, Primary Education, Social Work, Sociology, Sport Development, and Theatre.

High Achievers

Along with all the Sixth Form students celebrating their great results back in August were two high achieving students who learned that sitting A Level exams years in advance of their peers had paid off. Year 11 Ru Morgan achieved a fantastic A* Grade in his A level Maths and Year 9, Isaac Cumberlidge, who was delighted with his Grade A for AS Mathematics.


For a detailed breakdown of our examination results, please download the documents using the links on the top right of this page or view the School Performance Tables published by the Secretary of State for Education on the Department for Education's website.


  • ‘The leadership team balance ambition for excellence with support.’ Ofsted 2018
  • ‘Leaders and teachers now have high expectations for all pupils, including those who are disadvantaged.’ Ofsted 2018
  • '[The] assessment system supports teachers to increase the level of challenge, which helps to prepare pupils for the increased rigour of the GCSE examinations.' Ofsted 2018