• ‘Highly positive relationships between teacher and pupils ensure that pupils receive feedback and support when they need it.’ Ofsted 2018
  • ‘Pupils appreciate having an adult in school they can talk to if they have a problem.’ Ofsted 2018
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Student Support and Guidance

At CHS we are actively committed to providing a secure, happy environment where young people are treated as individuals and their care and well-being is of paramount importance.

Every student in school has a form tutor, who has overall responsibility, on a day-to-day basis, for the care, welfare and academic progress of all students in their tutor group and who is the first point of contact for parents. Most students stay in the same tutor group throughout their time at the school and tutors see students each morning at registration as well as delivering some of the PSHE programme through fortnightly Guidance lessons.

Each year group also has a Guidance Team Leader who is responsible for overseeing the welfare, discipline and academic progress of students in their year group. Our Deputy Headteacher, Mrs Lucy Darling, oversees all pastoral care and Safeguarding matters for Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 respectively and reports directly to the Headteacher. 

We also have a team of Learning Mentors, led by Miss Linda Franks (Student Support Services Team Leader), who provide tailored support to individual students ranging from a clearly defined programme of assistance to just a friendly face and listening ear when a student needs it.

Staff Contact
  • ‘Safeguarding is effective.’ Ofsted 2018
  • ‘Leaders have ensured that safeguarding is everyone’s priority.’ Ofsted 2018
  • ‘Records…demonstrate leaders’ tenacity in following up referrals to ensure that children are safe.’ Ofsted 2018