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Extracurricular Enrichment

Academic life at CHS is complemented and enriched by a wide range of extracurricular activities, clubs and educational visits.  The diversity of enrichment activities is what makes students’ years at CHS such a rich and fulfilling experience:  trips to the very best theatrical productions, concerts and exhibitions, combined with excellent visiting speakers, workshops and events in school, competitive and enjoyable sporting activities, the opportunity to pursue and develop creative interests and opportunities to see and experience the world for themselves.

The variety of provision offered by staff enables students to pursue activities they enjoy or to receive additional help and support with their curriculum studies.  

Minibus service

CHS is an inclusive school and we don’t want students to miss out on any opportunities that are available to them.  To that end, we now operate a minibus service to enable students to get home when after-school activities finish.  If a student lives further than walking distance from the school, they can book themselves onto the minibus to get a free lift home after their club or activity.

Outside School

In addition to the wide range of activities on offer in school, students wishing to volunteer or join a club outside of school can take a look at the 'Get Involved in Congleton' booklet in the downloads on the right hand side of the page. The booklet, produced by Congleton Community Projects, contains information and contact details of local voluntary, charitable and non-profit groups along with a number of key support services.


  • ‘The supportive culture of the school means that many pupils help each other alongside the support that they receive from their teacher.’ Ofsted 2018