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  • Great day at the Water Park today! Read more 09:23 PM - 21st July, 2017
  • Is your teenager out tonight? Do you know where they are? Always make sure you can contact them and they have the means to get home. 07:29 PM - 21st July, 2017
  • You were supposed to send him back in one piece! ;) Thank you to all of you for being great work placement hosts. Connor has learned so much 07:27 PM - 21st July, 2017
  • Find out about some of the great work placement opportunities Y12 students have enjoyed this week Read more Read more 03:48 PM - 21st July, 2017
  • Y12 Tom Strick has undertaken a fantastic work placement this week with Birmingham Airport Read more 02:53 PM - 21st July, 2017
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