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  • One of our ex Product Design students has set up her own interior design company. We are so proud to have been a small part of Georgie’s journey through design. Take a look at her Instagram page to see where studying product design can take you. Read more 02:32 PM - 24th January, 2021
  • Y10 & 12 CS students are looking at networks at the moment. Benefits of networks, 80s style here - the principal is the same though. Now where did I put the Commodore PET...? Read more 02:31 PM - 24th January, 2021
  • Amazing effort this week from: Annabel Jackson- excellent effort throughout the start of lock down. Chloe Evans & Roanna Flint - excellent alphabet fitness challenge. Lottie Hughes, Lily Price, Libby Harding, Maisy Shaw- Great start to the 100k run challenge ! Read more 07:05 PM - 22nd January, 2021
  • What a brilliant start to the running challenge on Strava, you have all smash the distance this week . Well done everyone. Big well done to Miss Boyle smashing it at the top of the leader board! . Read more 07:05 PM - 22nd January, 2021
  • The Government has released details of their consultation about how exam grades should be awarded this summer. They're inviting comments from students, parents, carers and educational professionals. You can have your say here Read more by Friday 29 January. 02:53 PM - 22nd January, 2021
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