You will find below lists of the vocabulary you need to know for each individual curriculum area at your stage of learning. Take time to read through these and familiarise yourself with each of the words, what they mean and how they are spelled.

Click on the relevant curriculum area below to view and download the lists for each subject.

Art Vocabulary Lists

DT Vocabulary Lists

English Vocabulary Lists

Humanities Vocabulary Lists

ICT Vocabulary Lists

Maths Vocabulary Lists

MFL Vocabulary Lists

Performing Arts Vocabulary Lists

PE Vocabulary Lists

Science Vocabulary Lists

Social Sciences Vocabulary Lists


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2 May 2023
Image of Conclusion of A Level Chemistry Practicals

Conclusion of A Level Chemistry Practicals

Our Year 13 A Level Chemists carriedĀ out their final practical at the end of April and Dr Jones was once again really pleased with their work.

22 March 2023
Image of Year 7 Tourists for a Day

Year 7 Tourists for a Day

All of our Year 7 students took a holiday from their usual timetable in March and enjoyed ourĀ Languages Day.

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