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The MFL area at Congleton High School is run by a team of enthusiastic, experienced and forward-looking linguists who work hard to make language learning accessible to all and try not to forget the fun.  Languages are very popular at CHS and the department has strong links with schools and organisations abroad, providing many opportunities for trips and exchange visits to improve students’ knowledge of different languages and cultures.  The range of languages offered includes Spanish, German and French. 

Key Stage 3 overview

At Congleton High School our intent is that all MFL students develop the skills, knowledge and confidence to enter the post-school sphere as world citizens cognisant of the rights and needs of everyone in a multi-cultural world, able to adapt to new experiences and use language confidently. 

We are committed to developing curiosity alongside linguistic competency. We would love our students to love language and embrace other cultures, and as a department we aim to enthuse and challenge them to develop this knowledge.

You will find below an overview of our MFL curriculum and a presentation highlighting the many careers opened up by studying Languages.

MFL curriculum overview

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10 November 2022

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