29 November 2023

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At the end of November we held the first of our annual Awards events, with an evening spent celebrating the fantastic effort, determination and achievement of our 2022-23 Year 11 cohort.

Our GCSE Awards Evening was opened with a welcome from Deputy Head, Mr Warren, who thanked all the students and families who had joined us for the event. This was followed by a recap of the cohort's time at CHS and some words of wisdom for the future from Assistant Head, Mr Tyrrell.

The students were then invited to come on to the stage and receive their GCSE Certificates from our Chair of Governors, Mr Benson.


After each student had collected their certificates, the important business of presenting awards began with the announcement of the students who had been awarded a certificate and £10 Amazon voucher for outstanding achievement in their GCSE subjects.

In each subject, the winning students were:

  • Art: Naomh Mayson and Jessica Rogers
  • Biology: Jamie Cam, Oliver Crewe and Theo Miller
  • Chemistry:  Oliver Crewe and Ahmed Gajoum
  • Child Development: Georgia Bostock and Alisha Whitehurst
  • Combined Science: Toby Evans and Naomh Mayson
  • Computer Science: Jamie Cam and Emma Locker
  • Creative iMedia: Lucian Bardsley and Jorja Oliver
  • Drama: Wilson Davies and Matilda Sheals-Barrett
  • Engineering: Bayley Buccieri-Merchant
  • English Language: Ava Maguire, Charlie Perry and Abbi Ryan
  • English Literature: Jamie Cam and Kebba Gaye
  • Enterprise and Marketing: Jessica Rogers and Abbi Ryan
  • Food and Nutrition: Lucie-Anna Gotham
  • Further Maths: Oliver Crewe (Level 2), Shay Mason (Level 2) and Simeon Mayson (Level 3)
  • Geography: Theo Miller and Alasdair Nuttall
  • German: James Higginson and Elitsa Rashkova
  • Health and Social Care: Emilia Rigby and Maddison Rowe
  • History: James Higginson and Abbi Ryan
  • Maths: Emma Locker and Elitsa Rashkova
  • Media Studies: Wilson Davies and Amelia Hibbert
  • PE GCSE: Fern Cartlidge and Oliver Smith
  • Physics: Ahmed Gajoum and Nathan Stevens
  • Photography: Jamie Taylor and Samuel Timotheus
  • Product Design: Alasdair Nuttall and Luisa Oakden
  • RE: Sasha Moffatt and Evie Morgan
  • Sociology: Annabel Higgins and Naomh Mayson
  • Spanish: Olivia Hurst and Naomh Mayson
  • Sports Studies: Alasdair Nuttall
  • Statistics: Ahmed Gajoum and James Higginson

Following the curriculum awards, it was time for the CHS Special Awards, prizes in recognition of students who had excelled in specific areas of their GCSE years. The main award of the night was the Stacey Marsh Inspiration Award, given to a student who has inspired our school community. This year it was presented to Antonia Lin: "An amazing student, who is very driven and has a determined attitude towards her school work, as well as being an integral part of her family through some very difficult times."

In addition to winning the Outstanding Achievement Award for Food and Nutrition, Lucie-Anna Gotham was presented with the Pear Hospitality Group Award for Excellence in Catering by Jake Pear, MD of the Pear Hospitality Group.

The EBacc covers our core curriculum, which is Mathematics, English, Science, Humanities and Languages. Attaining top grades across this broad spectrum of study earned Jamie Cam the EBACC Award for 2023.

For outstanding results in Science, Mathematics and Computer Science the STEM Award was presented to Elitsa Rashkova. Elitsa also won Outstanding Achievement Awards in German and Maths.

Wilson Davies was the winner of our Governors' Award. "Wilson personifies CHS. He is ambitious, determined, curious and resilient. He surpassed all expectations, overcoming a series of personal challenges, which for many would have defined them and their ambitions; not so Wilson."

Being a good citizen is about caring for everyone in our community. Dan Carter was awarded the Citizenship Award for making time for his paper round customers, especially the elderly ones, stopping for a chat and showing that he cared.

To recognise the continued effort throughout his GCSE courses, resulting in him exceeding his target in all of his subjects, the 2023 Award for Effort and Determination went to Samuel Timotheus

After gaining top grades in all his GCSE subjects, including seven Grade 9s, James Higginson was our highest attaining student and was presented with the Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement.

At Congleton High School we are proud of our strong community spirit. We often look on ourselves as a school family and families wouldn’t be the same without our well-earned celebrations. For their key role in supporting the running of the school Prom the winners of the Outstanding Contribution to School Life Award 2023 were announced as: Lola Craddock, Madison Rowe, Matilda Sheals-Barrett and Paige Tomkinson

We would like to say a massive thank you to our wonderful GCSE Awards Evening guests: CHS Alumni Sam Worthington and Jake Pear, and Chair of Governors, Mr Benson. Sam, who is now at Durham University and also a CHS Governor, was our special guest speaker for the evening and talked of his experiences since leaving CHS, sharing some useful advice to inspire and motivate the students.


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