14 February 2023

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Throughout the week before the February half-term break, we were delighted to be able to send 2,718 Letters of Recognition home with our remarkable students! This was almost 500 more letters than we awarded the previous half-term! 

925 students received letters, meaning that 92% of the main school were recognised for something positive throughout this half-term.

Well done to all these students, who have achieved this recognition with hard work, determination and exemplary behaviour:

  • 758 students have not been given any C3s this half-term
  • 711 students have not been given any H3s this half-term
  • 445 students are on 98% or above attendance this half-term
  • 365 students are on 100% attendance this half-term
  • 439 students have improved their attendance from the same time last year

Great work, everyone!

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