16 February 2023

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The Daneside is booked for 5/6 July and our Performing Arts team's cast of Annie is now three weeks in to their rehearsals.

So many students wanted to be part of this that we had to cast it twice over, so there will now be a different cast on each night!

Introducing our two fabulous casts:

  Annie: Eva B Y7 and Ruby H Y9                                          Mr Warbucks: Olly P Y10 and Alexander L Y7


 Miss Hannigan: Scarlett S Y12                                      Grace: Caitlyn B Y10                                                  Lily: Katalina W Y10
                                     and Darcy F Y10                                                 and Annabelle G Y9                                               and Harriet W Y10


Orphans Cast 1: Ava B Y7, Eadie P Y7, Milli G Y7, Edie S Y9, Lottie R Y8, Alicia Grace M Y7, Reilly S Y7 and Sophie C Y7
Orphans Cast 2: Ruby H Y9, Imogen D Y7, Neve K Y9, Annabel J Y9, Hannah S Y10, Beth G Y9, Molly W Y7 and Lily B Y7


Watch this space for ticket announcements.

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