14 December 2023

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In December, our Year 9 students got the opportunity to spend a full day off timetable, exploring their creativity and learning new skills.

They were given the choice of a range of animals that they could screen print on to fabric in their choice of colour but first they could create a background using as many techniques and materials as they liked. The students added texture and interest with paper, beads, fabric, paint and more.

Once their backgrounds were created, the group were then able to take turns screen printing their subjects. This was an interesting challenge, which wasn't always as straightforward as it seemed, with our artists having to ensure that they used the correct amount of pain and pressure as they drew the squeegee across the silk screens.

Once the animals were printed and dried (a speedy process thanks to a salon's worth of hair dryers!), the students were then able to embellish their artworks further, adding more texture, colour or features or highlighting details.

At the end of the day we welcomed families in to school for an exhibition so they could see for themselves all the fantastic art created throughout the day.  All the pieces were then put on display outside the main hall for the rest of the school to enjoy.





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